freshcutlavender_07enhancedLaura’s Lavender is organically grown in the scenic Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California. Our location produces wonderfully fragrant and vibrant lavender due to the warm to hot climate, abundant sunshine and rich soil.

Our humble gardening adventure and divine passion for lavender began in 2004. We are a small scale, chemical free private ranch that is also home to lots of lavender loving, happy bees. We produce in small batches to ensure wonderful quality, using organic and wild crafted ingredients whenever possible.

Our primary focus is in cultivating two varieties of Lavendula x intermedia. Provence, also known as French lavender, and Grosso, also known as fat spike lavender. This is due to the hybrids stronger fragrance, draught tolerance, excellent color and bud retention in cut and dried flowers. Each plant is propagated on site and grown without the use of synthetic herbicides or pesticides. Each summer 200 + lavender plants are hand harvested, and after weeks of shade air-drying, the bundles are then handcrafted into a variety of aromatic products.

We hope you will try our quality crafts and share them with family and friends. We take pride in handcrafting our products and enjoy bringing the best of our world to you. Lavender is something that enlivens the spirit and is best when shared with others.

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